Closure Statement & FAQ's

Over the past 10 years, the Brandt's family has proudly owned and operated Brandt's I-69 Harley-Davidson, in addition to the 70 year history of Brandt's HD in Wabash.  Customer service, motorcycle selection and being a destination dealership has and always will be our number one priority. With these priorities in the forefront, we are choosing to consolidate our dealerships and provide the absolute best experience from one dealership in Wabash as of October 31, 2020.  You will still see your familiar faces from the Wabash and Marion dealerships, but all at one, awesome location in Wabash.  The 71 years of Brandt's legacy paired with the BEST staff to serve you...all together to rock every visit at Brandt's.  Effective October 31st, we will be one team, one dealership, with one focus in mind: YOU our awesome customers!  Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!  We look forward to seeing you soon!
Call, email, or message us with any questions.  Below are some FAQ's to keep you in the loop as we consolidate into one Brandt's family.
Q: What if I have something on special order, in layaway, or backordered?
A: Our team will be reaching out soon (if we haven't already)  to every customer with outstanding orders, layaways, etc. with details.
Q: What if I have a bike in service?
A: Our service team will be contacting every customer with a bike in service with details.  If you haven't heard from us yet, you will soon! 
Q: What if I have a gift card or credit on my account at Brandt's I-69?
A: All gift cards will be honored at our Wabash location and all credits on accounts will be transferred to Wabash.
Q: What about winter storage?
A: We have a HUGE building in Wabash to store your bike.  Climate controlled, secured, and we would love to work with you on pickup and delivery this Fall/Winter.  Stay tuned for announcements, or give us a call if you're looking for storage right away.
Q: Will I still be able to get I-69 logo gear after Oct. 31st?
A:  Not likely.  Stay tuned for upcoming Brandt's I-69 merchandise events!  Grab it while you can!
Q: I love the staff at Marion.  Will I still get to see them?
A: We will be joining our Marion and Wabash teams together.  You will definitely see familiar faces in Wabash and we look forward to seeing you, serving you, and hanging out in a new spot!
Q: I was hoping to take the Riding Academy course next year.  Are you going to have this program in 2021?
A:  Currently, we do not have plans to continue the Riding Academy.  Unfortunately, the Wabash location is not set up for the Riding Academy program.  We encourage you to visit Ride Safe Indiana's website at:  for all the places that offer motorcycle training courses for the state of Indiana.
Q: I have Rider Rewards to redeem at the Marion location.  What are my options?
A:  We have tons of great events coming up before our consolidation.  We encourage you to use your Rider Rewards before the end of the month.  However, as with our gift cards, Rewards can also be used at Brandt's in Wabash.
Q: I purchased extended warranty on my bike.  Can I get extended service work done at Wabash?
A:  Most definitely.  We are here for any service needs, whether warranty or retail.
Q: I joined the Brandt's I-69 mailing/email list, will I still get updates?
A:  Yes.  We are looking forward to an awesome Fall and Winter and an all out fun 2021.  New announcements, events, concerts, and in-store promotions will be announced on our social channels and subscribed lists.
Q: I purchased a charity turkey for the Turkey Drop, what do I do?
A: We will still be hosting a Turkey Drop and donations will still be going directly to our local Salvation Army.  Details and location for the event will be announced soon.